Lighting Segmentation -Skincare or Aquarium Lamp

2022-06-29 09:56:52


To explore segmentation lighting areas like Skincare light or Aquarium Lamp.

Competition of general lighting is more and more severe, and lighting industry aggregation is higher and higher, so what's the way out for ordinary medium and small businesses?

Naturally look for a segmentation and focus on it is a way out. But, where to start? How to make it?

 · horticulture lighting is an approved lighting segmentation, but over hot nowadays......

Grow Light is a good option, now at least not now, because too many factories, especially unprofessional ones, have entered in, and the market, especially the major cannabis plant market in USA, haven been hurt too much due to much market penetration of low end products. 

How about Aquarium Lighting?

Application of aquarium lights broadly exists in both commercial and residential areas, probably all we have to do is to make reliable products. and find the right channel and the right way to sell. 

Seems easy again, even seems easier than grow light, to make an aquarium light -- effective and reliable water proof design, quality LEDs adopted with good optics design, smart structure design for easy installation and human friendly use...... But persistence to it for long time run is always not easy, especially durint hard times like what is happening for the grow light nowadays. 

Another direction? How about Skincare Lamp?

It seems that a skincare lamp is really easier than a grow light, because the major attention should only be paid to the red color, which optimizes the blood circulation, and finally keeps the skin dynamic. 

As manufacture center of the world, we don't lack of product or capability to produce any products, but do lack of persistence in the selected direction, do lack of artisan spirit to make a simple product stable, reliable and perfect. What's more, we should not too closed to show of a product, which sometimes means you've rejected a good sales channel or opportunity.

So, if you do have a good product idea, or a product demand, or anything needs to communicate, just feel free to let us know, NOW!

Author: Roger Xu
Lighting Segmentation -Skincare or Aquarium Lamp
To explore segmentation lighting areas like Skincare light or Aquarium Lamp.
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