Plug-in Octopus or Foldable for a Grow Light II

2022-06-23 09:49:05


Importer friendly by plug-in octopus type grow light or grower friendly foldable grow light?

At the beginning of grow light for indoor home or commercial plant, octopus type grow light was widely adopted and the majority for the vegetative and flower stages. The plug-in solution is good, but loading quantity per 40'HQ is quite limied (which means high freight fees as well complicated and high local transportation fees), and what's worth, installtion bar by bar is still time consuming and too complicated for unskillful buyers.

Naturally, smart engineers worked out the foldable grow light solution, whoes perfance is good, but up to 936pcs/40'HQ loaded and the "unfold to install" is all what have to do for installation. Finally, foldable grow light becomes another majority for cannabis lamp. Contribution of the engineer Tony Wong from Sundopt matters for the penetration of foldable type light to the hydro lights market.

Competition continues and money never sleeps, so that some factories go further to make double foldable to make the light 3 foldings for more compact purpose.

It seems that, in most people's eye, grow light=cannabis lamp=octopus or foldable grow light / quantum grow light. But, is that all?

Horticulture Lighting is a good lighting segmentation market, because it's part of the inevitable treads of agricultural industrization. The market base of Grow Light for cannabis plant depends on the laws of each country.

Sticking to "Follow Up" strategy made floods of factories failed or failing this year for grow light business target for USA market. The logic is simple: yes, it's a good market and the market volume is really growing, especially the scale and legalization area and licensed growers have been increasing; but, the market volume could not undertake so many players, especially when most of them are speculators and unprofessional ones......

Even for the marihuna grow light itself, we should not only focus on the veg. and flower stage, but also the whole cycle (clone-veg.-flower-harvest), what's more, great attention should also be paid to the the other factors like CO2 or Nitruent, wiht the light as we called LCN

In one word, know the plant + position your market + develop the right product + for your target customers is the way out. 

Need an easier way out? Partner with a reliable and profeesional vendor for long term run cooperation! 

Author: Roger Xu
Plug-in Octopus or Foldable for a Grow Light II
Importer friendly by plug-in octopus type grow light or grower friendly foldable grow light?
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