How to Choose a Right Hoticulture Light?

2022-06-07 09:06:02


Basic knowledge about horticulture lighting, know why and know how for a cannabis grow light.

As novices for horticulture lighting (most circumstances it referes to cannabis growth or marihuana growth in USA nowadays), the most effective way to learn is make research about the top brands directly.

Just like the way to know the other lights, we should firstly understand the basic terminology and the basic standards while evaluating a grow light. So, let's just go to Fluence's website (an Osram company) may be a good idea to get the initial knowledge about grow light.

· (original link: https://fluence.science/science-articles/horticulture-lighting-metrics/)

But it's far not enough for a sales person if just know the basic concept above. We have to understand the market: who uses the light? who buys the light? adopted in which applications? In a word, how could a grow light correctly made in factory, and how does it go to the final application for installation, and what value does it deliver?

Cannabis Light has been quite hot in USA market since last year as welll as sales by Amazon, which leads floods of factroies entering into grow light business. Then, it comes another question for both the sales and the buyers: some many choices, and really look the same / similar lights made by various factories, how to judge and select a good grow light?

Well, if it's a light, let's go back to Nation of a Light first: the light itself -- the spectrum. The logic should be: understand the spectrum required for each stage of a plant (seeding stage - cutting stage - vegetative stage - flowering stage...) -> and then work out the right Light Recipe for a specific plant -> manufacture the LEDs -> adopt the LEDs for design of a grow light. Sounds easy, but hard to get.

The real players know how hard to get Samsung 301B or 301Z, or the specially developed for grow light model 301H, even if it seems that most factories declare that they adopt the classic "Samsung 301 full spectrum+ Osram red spectrum" solution, which is absolutely impossible. 

Upon current situation, maybe it's not a smart idea to stick to Samsung or whatever big brands (you can not get to know the factory adopts it or just telling you a story......), the key should be the light recipe, the spectrum, which is whether exactly needed by a target plant, no matter it's a foreign brand or Chinese brand LEDs

So, is it enough when we get to know the proper light recipe / spectrum by affordable LEDs to work out an effective grow light? Of course, NOT! Because, grow lighting is not a single light, it's a system, which relates with the growing environment a lot (the air, nutrient solution, the humidity......)

What does it mean? We need control, an intelligent grow light with smart control system! Because only upon such a system to perfectly solve the 3 headaches (spectrum tunable upon growing stagetime scheduling upon grow demandseamless signal control for precise grow) to achieve large scale grow lighting purpose, then comes booming time for real scale-size commercial application of grow light. 

So, it's time to get it!!!

Author: Roger Xu
How to Choose a Right Hoticulture Light?
Basic knowledge about horticulture lighting, know why and know how for a cannabis grow light.
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